Edit Profile

Edit Profile 

Within the app, click: "My Profile." Tap the "Edit My Profile" button.

  • Tap "Change My Picture" and upload your favorite profile photograph

  • Enter your first and last name (you can choose the name that you want to use) 

  • Tap the "Facebook" and "Twitter" icons, and enter your usernames

  • Enter your home location (e.g. Stockholm, Sweden), and a brief personal description

  • Press "Save," located in the upper right corner

  • Tap the "Menu" icon in the upper left corner to return to the main menu

  • Want kilometers? Tap the "Settings" wheel in the main menu. Under "Distances," tap "kilometers." The default is "miles." 

    Time Zone: the app is set for British Summer Time (GMT+1). If your device does not automatically change time zones, please go into your device's "Settings" to change the time zone manually when you arrive in Edinburgh.