Muste, Eelco

Day 2 Track 5

Implementing Group Schema Therapy: 30-Session Protocol


Eelco Muste is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist and works ad interim from his own company (muste.nu) as a management adviser, trainer and interim Clinical Psychologist, currently at a general hospital as director of a day treatment program and as a trainer. 

He is owner of the company Schematherapie in Bedrijffor training, supervision and coaching. Since 1997 he works with Schema Therapy and is specialized in treating personality disorders in a variety of settings. Based on his clinical practice, he has written several articles and chapters on Schema Therapy and was the chief editor of the Handboek en Werkboek Klinische schematherapie. He runs several training programs and workshops and lectures in the field of Schema Therapy and was actively involved in the Dutch Register for Schema Therapists.