Krol, Wiesette

Day 3 Track 6

Angry Birds: Pushing for Anger in Cluster-C Personality Disorders



Wiesette Krol is a clinical psychologist, CBT supervisor and Schema Therapist Trainer/Supervisor. From 1997- 2000 she was trained and supervised by Jeffrey Young. She has also been trained and supervised in Group Schema Therapy by Ida Shaw and Joan Farrell.

In the last 15 years she works with schema therapy, treating personality disorders (cluster B and C), individual and in groups, ambulant and in day treatment. She used to be the head of the department of personality and developmental disorders at the RIAGG Maastricht. At this moment she works at the academic hospital in Maastricht as manager / clinical psychologist. Since the foundation in 2007, she is a senior member of the Dutch Schema therapy Society and has an Advanced Certification membership with the ISST since 2008.In 2016 she started the Academy for Schematherapy together with Guido Sijbers, Rosi Reubsaet, Judith Hollandsand Judith Vanhommerig.