Rocher, Maria

Day 2 Track 5

Implementing Group Schema Therapy: 30-Session Protocol 


Maria Rocher is a healthcare psychologist, a supervisor in the Dutch Schema Register, a Supervisor/Trainer in Group Schema Therapy for ISST and a Supervisor in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (VGCt).

She works at Psy-Q Amsterdam and is an independent supervisor/trainer. At Psy-Q Maria works with Arnoud Arntz as a therapist in the group research programs of Farrell & Shaw. During last 5 years she had worked at the Viersprong, where Maria was a therapist in several groups for Borderline Personality Disorders (Farrell & Shaw programs). She has been working with the model for six years with groups and individual patients, and worked with forensic clients, women, men and adolescents at the Waag, a forensic Policlinic in the Netherlands for the past 9 years, along with two years at G-kracht with Marjon Nadort and Jenny Broersen.

Maria is a Schema Therapy Trainer, working with Odette Brand and Eelco Muste in Schematherapie in Bedrijf. She has worked with clients form many different cultural backgrounds and is also trainer in Transcultural Psychology. 

She published a chapter about Group Schema Therapy in a Dutch book: Schematherapie en de Gezonde Volwassene (2015).