Tjoa, Evy

Day 2 Track 5

Implementing Group Schema Therapy: 30-Session Protocol


Evy Tjoa is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, working at PsyQ The Hague, a mental health institution with an outpatient department for Anxiety and Trauma patients.

She is involved in a study comparing group ST versus group CBT for Social Phobia with comorbid Avoidant Personanilty Disorder. In this project she has written the ST 30 session protocol (based on the Farrell and Shaw treatment), and has acted as a grouptherapist in this study since 2012.

In 2016, Arnoud Arntz initiated a pilot study “30 sessions ST for Cluster C personality disorders”. Evy is involved in the protocol for the approach in this study, and together with Eelco Muste revised a former protocol to make it fit for this group of patients. Together with Eelco Muste, Evy trained the therapists for this pilot study.

Evy has a private practice for the supervision and training of psychologists.